The long awaited installation of  "TWINS" will premiere at "HAIRED" during this year's Art Basel Miami at LMNT Gallery.

Developed around the theme of hair, "Haired" explores various concepts through this specific malleable part of the human form. This theme showcases hair as a tool available for creativity and a medium for artistic practice. In this exhibit artists will explore the concept of hair in multiple ways and through different angles, highlighting how it serves as a marker of social class, age, marital status, racial and cultural identification, political and spiritual beliefs, gender and sexual orientation. Hair expresses people’s identity to the extent that different hairstyles represent a person’s different phases in life. Ultimately, Haired wants to present a fresh outlook on societies, cultures, trends and lifestyles through an unusual point of view.

For more information on the opening reception and after party at Tree House featuring Tiefschwarz and Basti+Danyelino visit the HAIRED website.