"Not a Fairy Tale" Show - March 16th @ Contesta Rockhair

GATE 535 Presents "GEMMA FLEMING: Not a Fairy Tale"

Curated by Virginia Villari March 16th to April 27th 2011 OPENING RECEPTION: March 16th from 6:30 to 9:30 PM CONTESTA ROCKHAIR 535 Hudson St. (corner Charles St.), New York, NY

"Not a Fairy Tale" is the second project presented by Gate 535, a joint venture between Contaminate NYC and Contesta Rockhair. It is the solo show of New York-based photographer Gemma Fleming. Gemma creates photographic series that always tell a story, the story of female character. Those young women inhabit and act in different contexts, from Midwest America households to abandoned warehouses, from bathrooms to bedrooms, from nature to metropolis. What links the variety of places and situations is the dark, psychotic nature of Gemma’s subjects as well as the desperate storylines she develops. These females are portrayed as beautiful fallen angels always looking for something: something or someone they’ve lost, their revenge, mercy, peace or just themselves. They are heroines of a gothic, bizarre, almost masochistic quest for identity.

"Not a Fairy Tale" gathers works from different series, aiming to transcend single stories in order to tell a broader tale: the tale of every woman and her fight to find a place in this world. Photographs depict complicated physical and mental states and the violent conflicts a woman faces throughout her life. Her psychology is multiple, contradictory, hermetic for herself and for others. A woman’s soul reaches dark depths and sometimes it’s hard to go back to the surface. Every piece in this exhibition represents a chapter of this story: a female’s journey across the intricate forest of her inner self. Happy ending in not at all guaranteed in what is definitely not a fairy tale.