Everything Martial Arts presents “The Lost Episodes”, a collection of unreleased footage from the EMA archives featuring athletes and personalities within the fight community.

Our first installment features Muay Thai’s own Phil Nurse (The Way NYC) during his promotion to Ajarn by Grandmaster Chai Sirisute (President of the Thai Boxing Association of the USA) in 2015. Phoenix Carnevale speaks with both Ajarn Phil Nurse and Grandmaster Chai Sirisute about the promotion, how Phil’s fighting style translates to the way he trains his students, Grandmaster Sken and his influence on Phil’s teaching philosophy, and why Phil Nurse is a perfect example of both a fighter and instructor of Muay Thai.

Music by:
“Ow Wee” By Immortal Beats
“Martial Arts Everything” Fuzz Jaxx and Sam Brown

Additional footage courtesy of Brian Cunningham

Filmed on Location:
Ajarn Nurse’s Ceremony (May 17th, 2015)
The Wat NYC (May 20th, 2015)

Special Thanks:
Grandmaster Chai Sirisute
Thai Boxing Association USA
Students at The Wat NYC